Add Character to Your New Construction

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Add Character to Your New Construction

One of the most common complaints of new construction homes is the lack of character. As I’ve busily saved money for the past few years to build my dream home, I’ve often been worried about this important issue myself. However, while completing some research, I’ve discovered many ways to add character to a newer home. For instance, installing crown molding, a wooden staircase, and trey ceilings are great ways to fill a new abode with character. Another great idea is to install a stained glass window. These colorful beautiful additions give your home old world flair. On this blog, you will learn how to add character to your new place by installing stained glass windows.

2 Reasons You Should Opt For Window Tinting For Your Car

If you own and drive your car, you probably want to maintain its value and physical appearance for as long as you can. Although the use of window tinting in motor vehicles is not new, it is easy to forget how useful it can be. If it has been a while since you shopped for new window tint, you may be surprised to learn how helpful and convenient it can be.

You Can Block Most Of The Sun's Rays...And Then Some

It is obvious that window tinting can block many of the rays from the sun. However, it is important to consider what that might include. For example, if you have young children, you may be more concerned about their sun exposure than you are your own. Fortunately, you can elect to have darker tinting installed on windows for the back seat and lighter tinting for the front.

By blocking some sunlight from entering the car, you will also be able to have better control over the temperature of the car. If the car is cooler, you will not need to run the air conditioner as often or you may be able to use it at a lower speed. Reduced use of your air conditioner has often been associated with better gas mileage.

Plus, By Blocking The Sun's Rays...You Can Prevent Much Of The Internal Damage To Your Car

Two of the most obvious flaws associated with used cars, regardless of how well they have been mechanically maintained, are often cracked seats and dashboards. That physical damage is often the result of extreme temperatures in the vehicle, which can rise up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as an hour on a sunny day. In just the first 30 minutes that your vehicle is parked, it will often experience about 80% of that temperature spike.

Eventually, that means diminished value of your vehicle, due to its reduced aesthetic appeal. If you choose to replace the damaged portions instead, you will continue to amass additional costs unless you install window tinting then. To prevent the problem and limit your own expenses, it is a better idea to install window tint now without any further delays.

In conclusion, window tint is an ideal way to preserve the interior of your car and make car trips more comfortable for all of your riders. Because it is available in so many different shades, you have a variety of ways to customize the amount of sun that you permit into the car at any given time.