Add Character to Your New Construction

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Add Character to Your New Construction

One of the most common complaints of new construction homes is the lack of character. As I’ve busily saved money for the past few years to build my dream home, I’ve often been worried about this important issue myself. However, while completing some research, I’ve discovered many ways to add character to a newer home. For instance, installing crown molding, a wooden staircase, and trey ceilings are great ways to fill a new abode with character. Another great idea is to install a stained glass window. These colorful beautiful additions give your home old world flair. On this blog, you will learn how to add character to your new place by installing stained glass windows.

Top Reasons To Have Your Vehicle Windows Tinted

If you have been debating on whether or not you should have your vehicle windows tinted, you will want to check out the following benefits of having it done. This way, you will be able to make the best decision for your needs.  

Fabrics Are Better Protected

Whether your vehicle has leather or standard fabric seats, you will want to make sure that you are protecting them so they will last for as long as possible. Besides keeping food and drinks off of the fabric, you will want to protect it from the harsh UV rays that the sun gives off. Those harmful UV rays will damage the color of your fabric. Leather seats can become hard and brittle over time if they are exposed to an excessive amount of direct UV rays and they are not properly treated. When you have tint applied to the windows of your vehicle, you will find that not as many UV rays will make it through to the fabrics inside of your vehicle.

Adds Extra Security

The best place to store bags full of things that you just purchased would be the trunk of your vehicle. However, not all vehicles have a trunk or it might be full of other things. Either way, you want to make sure that if you have to store valuables in the cabin of your vehicle that you will want to hide them from the eyes of criminals. This is especially important around the time of holidays, as criminals start looking for vehicles full of bags from holiday shopping. However, if you have tint on your windows, it would not be as easy for a criminal to casually walk by and glance into your vehicle to determine whether you have anything that interests him or her. They would really have to get up close and personal and basically place their face right up against the glass in order to determine if there is anything of value in your vehicle. That kind of action can grab the attention of people passing by and not is not something a criminal wants. Therefore, he or she is likely to simply pass up your vehicle and focus on vehicles that are much easier to see into.

With just those two reasons in mind, you should have no trouble determining whether tinting for the windows of your vehicle is something that you are interested in. Just make sure that you are having a professional (such as one from apply the window tinting for the best results.