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Add Character to Your New Construction

One of the most common complaints of new construction homes is the lack of character. As I’ve busily saved money for the past few years to build my dream home, I’ve often been worried about this important issue myself. However, while completing some research, I’ve discovered many ways to add character to a newer home. For instance, installing crown molding, a wooden staircase, and trey ceilings are great ways to fill a new abode with character. Another great idea is to install a stained glass window. These colorful beautiful additions give your home old world flair. On this blog, you will learn how to add character to your new place by installing stained glass windows.

How to Clean Your Vinyl Siding Using Household Cleaners

The vinyl siding on your home should be cleaned on a yearly basis. Fall is a great time to clean your vinyl siding and make sure that your house is looking great for wintertime. Here is some information on how to make your own cleaner for cleaning your vinyl siding. 

Making the Bleach Vinyl-Siding Cleaner

If you have white vinyl siding or vinyl siding in another light color, you can use a bleach vinyl-siding cleaner to clean your house. You are going to want to use a five-gallon bucket to mix up the bleach cleaning solution. 

You are going to want to combine one part bleach and four parts water. That means if you put two gallons of water in the bucket, you are going to want to put in half a gallon of bleach. 

You are also going to want to add some powdered laundry detergent or household cleaner to the mix as well. 

Adding the Cleaner to Your Garden-Hose Sprayer

Once you have this mixture all ready, you are going to want to put some of it inside of a garden sprayer and attach it to your hose. This will allow you to easily spray the solution onto your home and clean everything.

Preparing Yourself to Clean

Before you start spraying, though, you need to make sure that you and your home are ready. You should wear gloves, old clothing, and a mask to protect your skin and lungs from exposure to the bleach. You should make sure that your pets and your children are inside so that they don't get any bleach spray on them. 

Preparing Your Plants

If you have plants that grow right next to your home, you are going to want to throw a drop cloth over the top of them. You don't want them to get saturated in a bleach solution. The bleach could harm their growth and development. Move the drop cloth around as you work to protect your plants.

Cleaning the Siding

You are going to want to clean your house in sections. Take your hose, start at the top of your siding, and spray the siding and work your way downward. After you have sprayed an entire section, let the bleach solution sit on your siding for a few minutes. Then, disconnect the attachment with the cleaning solution and use just your hose to spray off the solution. 

Repeat this process on each section of your house. Refill the attachment that allows you to spray out the solution as necessary. If there is mold or dirt build-up on any area of your home, you may need to use a scrub brush to clean those areas. 

It may take you a couple hours or an entire weekend to complete this task depending on how large your home is. Your house is sure to look great once you clean the vinyl. Talk to a company such as Cornerstone Home Improvement for more information about siding.